Volume 38, 1990
Volume 39, 1991
Volume 40, 1992
Volume 41, 1993
Volume 42, 1994
Volume 43, 1995
Volume 44, 1996
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Volume 47, 1999

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Table of Contents for Volumes 38–47, 1990–1999

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Volume 38, 1990

Mark O’Brien
 The Story of Abraham and the Debate over the Source HypothesisView    1–17
J. H. Charlesworth
 Jesus Research: A Paradigm Shift for New Testament Scholars18–32
William J. Dalton
 The Meaning of “We” in Galatians33–44
G. Strecker
 Chiliasm and Docetism in the Johannine School44–61

Volume 39, 1991

Antony F. Campbell
 Past History and Present Text: The Clash of Classical and
Post-Critical Approaches to Biblical Text
View    1–18
Ehud Ben Zvi
 Once the Lamp Has Been Kindled … : A Reconsideration of
the Meaning of the MT Nîr
Jerome Murphy O’Connor
 The Date of 2 Corinthians 10–1331–43
Laurie Woods
 Opposition to a Man and His Message: Paul’s “Thorn in the Flesh” (2 Cor 12:7)44–53

Volume 40, 1992

Anne E. Gardner
 The Way to Eternal Life in Dan 1e–2 or How to Reverse
the Death Curse of Genesis 3
View   1–19
Francis J. Moloney
 Who is “the Reader” in/of the Fourth Gospel?View  20–33
John N. Collins
 The Mediatorial Aspect of Paul’s Role as Diakonos34–44
Robert B. Crotty
 The Literary Structure of the Letter of James45–57
Nigel M. Watson
 Reconstructing the Other Half of the Telephone Conversations: A. C. Wire, The Corinthian Women Prophets: A Reconstruction through Paul’s Rhetoric.
Review Article

Volume 41, 1993

R. G. Jenkins
 Translating the Scriptures: Reflections on Ancient Precedent1–17
Edward G. Newing
 Up and Down—In and Out: Moses on Mount Sinai.
The Literary Unity of Exodus 32–34
Dorothy A. Lee
 The Story of the Woman at the Well: A Symbolic Reading
(John 4:1–42)
Eric F. Osborn
 Literature, History and Logic: The Formation of the Christian Bible49–63
Robert Anderson
 Jews and Christians: Exploring the Past, Present and Future
(ed. James H. Charlesworth). Review Article
Nigel M. Watson
 John Ashton, Understanding the Fourth Gospel. Review Article72–75

Volume 42, 1994

Nigel M. Watson
 “The Philosopher Should Bathe and Brush His Teeth”—Congruence between Word and Deed in Graeco-Roman Philosophy and Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians1–16
Louis H. Feldman
 Josephus’ Portrait of Ahaseurus17–38
B. Rod Doyle
 The Place of the Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard in Matthew 20:1–1639–58
Schuyler Brown
 Good News about What? Hermeneutical Reflections on “Gospel” and “Evangelization”59–68
Edwin K. Broadhead
 Linguistics and Christology: A Critical Note on Mark 6:31, 32–4669–70

Volume 43, 1995

Majella Franzmann
 The City as Woman: The Case of Babylon in Isaiah 471–19
Edwin K. Broadhead
 In Search of the Gospel: Research Trends in Mark 14–1620–49
Francis I. Andersen
 The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, Vol 1. (edited by David J. A. Clines).
Review Article
David J. A. Clines
Francis I. Andersen

Volume 44, 1996

Dorothy A. Lee
 Women as “Sinners’: Three Narratives of Salvation in Luke and John1–15
Rabbi John S. Levi
Howard Wallace
 On Account of Sarai: Gen 12:10–13:1View  32–41
Robert B. Crotty
 James the Just in the History of Early Christianity42–52
Margaret E. Dean
 The Grammar of Sound in Greek Texts: Towards a Method for Mapping the Echoes of Speech in Writing53–70

Volume 45, 1997

Mark Coleridge
 “You Are Witnesses” (Luke 24:48): Who Sees What in Luke?1–19
Robert K. McIver
 Implications of New Data Pertaining to the Problem of Synoptic Relationships20–39
Mary Coloe
 The Structure of the Johannine Prologue and Genesis 1View  40–55
John W. Pryor
 Jesus and Family—A Test CaseView  56–69

Volume 46, 1998

Mark O’Brien
 The Portrayal of Prophets in 2 Kings 2View    1–16
Robert O’Meara
 “Luring the Crocus through the Snow": The Parable of the Man who Had Two Sons (Luke 15:11–32)17–35
Brian Francis Byron
 Bethany across the Jordan or simply: Across the Jordan36–54
Mark Harding
 The Salvation of Israel and the Logic of Romans 11:11–3655–69
J. C. O’Neill
 “Did You Receive the Spirit by the Works of the Law?” (Gal 3:2): The Works of the Law in Judaism and the Pauline Corpus70–84
E. F. Osborn
 Ernst Käsemann (1906–1998): An Appreciation85

Volume 47, 1999

Mark Brett
 Politics of Identity: Reading Genesis in the Persian Period1–15
Tim Bulkeley
 Cohesion, Rhetorical Purpose and the Poetics of Coherence
in Amos 3
View  16–28
Brendan Byrne
 How Can We Interpret Romans Theologically Today?29–42
R. Alistair Campbell
 Baptism and Resurrection (1 Cor 15:29)43–52
Rick Strelan
 Gamaliel’s Hunch53–69
Edwin K. Broadhead
 A Linguistic Constellation in the Gospel of Mark70–72

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