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Australian Biblical Review volume 70 (2022): Book Reviews

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Author Title Reviewer
Isaac M. AldermanThe Animal at Unease with Itself: Death Anxiety and the Animal-Human Boundary in Genesis 2–3 Carolyn Alsen
Elizabeth H. P. BackfishHebrew Wordplay and Septuagint Translation Technique in the Fourth Book of the Psalter Douglas R. Fyfe
John M. G. BarclayPaul and the Power of Grace Grant Buchanan
Jens Schröter, Benjamin A. Edsall and Joseph Verheyden (eds)Jews and Christians – Parting Ways in the First Two Centuries CE? Reflections on the Gains and Losses of a Model Christopher A. Porter
Francis BreyerÄgyptische Namen und Wörter im Alten Testament Jonathan Thambyrajah
Kylie CrabbeLuke/Acts and the End of History Anne Elvey
Andrew M. GilhooleyThe Edict of Cyrus and Notions of Restoration in Ezra-Nehemiah and Chronicles Paul Byun
John D. GriffithsThe Spirit as Gift in Acts: The Spirit’s Empowerment of the Early Jesus Community Jon Newton
David JanzenThe End of History and the Last King: Achaemenid Ideology and Community Identity in Ezra-Nehemiah Paul Byun
Neil MartinRegression in Galatians: Paul and the Gentile Response to Jewish Law Grant Buchanan
Tim MeadowcroftLike the Stars Forever: Narrative and Theology in the Book of Daniel Anne E. Gardner
Francis J. MoloneyThe Apocalypse of John: A Commentary Jon Newton
Jon K. NewtonA Pentecostal Commentary on Revelation Francis J. Moloney
Timothy W. ReardonThe Politics of Salvation: Lukan Soteriology, Atonement and the Victory of God. John D. Griffiths
N. T. WrightGalatians Grant Buchanan
Arthur Walker-JonesPsalms Book 2: An Earth Bible Commentary, “As the Doe Groans” Sarah Hart.
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