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Appointments, Activities and Honours
Grant Buchananwill graduate with a PhD on 20 November with the dissertation title: “The Spirit, New Creation, and Christian Identity in Galatians: Towards a Pneumatological Reading of Galatians.”
Brendan ByrneDelivered the keynote address, “Fifty Years with Paul: Some Questions Resolved; Some Yet to be Answered,” at the 2021 FBS Conference, 30 September, 2021.
Mary ColoeElected to the Editorial Board of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, 2022–2025.
Kylie CrabbeAustralian Research Council funding in the DECRA scheme (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award), for the project, Inside Others: Early Christian Protagonists and Their Impairments. Funding runs from 2022–25.
Frank MoloneyWas appointed was appointed adviser to the Plenary Council of the Catholic Church in Australia.
Megan TurtonWas appointed Lecturer in Hebrew Bible, Whitley College, University of Divinity.

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