Australian Biblical Review volume 14 (1966)

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D’Arcy, Eric
Christian Discourse (ABR 14, 1966) 3–8.

Charlesworth, Max
Questions about the Natural Law (ABR 14, 1966) 9–23.

Duncan, Colin
The Bible and Objectifying Thinking—What Does Bultmann Mean by Demythologising? (ABR 14, 1966) 24–32.

Ellis, William
Some Problems in the Corinthian Letters (ABR 14, 1966) 33–36.

Osborn, E. F.
Justin’s Response to Second Century Challenges (ABR 14, 1966) 37–54.

Wardlaw, H. R.
The Place of the New Testament in Evangelical Theology: A Note on Biblical Authority (ABR 14, 1966) 55–59.

Young, Norman
Some Aspects of Bultmann’s Hermeneutics (ABR 14, 1966) 60–73.

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