Australian Biblical Review volume 57 (2009)

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Boyle, Brian
“Holiness Has a Shape”: The Place of the Altar in Ezekiel’s Visionary Plan of Sacral Space (Ezekiel 43:1–12, 13–17, 18–27) (ABR 57, 2009) 1–21.

Hill, John
Writing the Prophetic Word: The Production of the Books of Jeremiah (ABR 57, 2009) 22–33.

Trotter, James M.
The Genre and Setting of Psalm 45 (ABR 57, 2009) 34–46.

Cabrido, John Aranda
A Typology for Discipleship: The Narrative Function of παιδίον in Matthew’s Story of Jesus (ABR 57, 2009) 47–60.

McLaren, James S
A Note on Method in Historical Jesus Studies (ABR 57, 2009) 61–71.

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