Australian Biblical Review volume 65 (2017)

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Monaghan, Christopher J.
Why Have We Reduced the Oral Tradition to Silence? The Oral Tradition’s Role in the Formation of the Minor Agreements (ABR 65, 2017) 1–16.

Gilmour, Rachelle
A Tale of the Unexpected: The Ending of 2 Kings 3 Re-examined (ABR 65, 2017) 17–29.

Harrison, James R.
Beneficence to the Poor in Luke’s Gospel in Its Mediterranean Context: A Visual and Documentary Perspective (ABR 65, 2017) 30–46.

Whitaker, Robyn J.
From Cross to Ascension: The Surprising Locus of Salvation in Luke–Acts (ABR 65, 2017) 47–60.

Moloney, Francis J.
The First Days of Jesus and the Role of the Disciples: A Study of John 1:19–5 (ABR 65, 2017) 61–77.

Haar, Stephen C.
To Be Lutheran Is To Be a Bad Exegete: Reading the Bible in the Light of the Lutheran Reformation (ABR 65, 2017) 78–91.

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