Australian Biblical Review volume 63 (2015)

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Winter, Sean F.
“Obedient to Death”: Revisiting the Rhetorical Function of Philippians 2:6–11 (ABR 63, 2015) 1–13.

Bridge, Edward J.
Desperation to a Desperado: Abigail’s Request to David in 1 Samuel 25 (ABR 63, 2015) 14–28.

Pinker, Aron
A New Interpretation of Job 28:4 (ABR 63, 2015) 29–41.

Vollmer, Emmanuel Nathan and Thomas A.
Paul’s Reference to the Macedonians in 2 Cor 8:1–5: A Test-Case to Introduce Reputation Theory (ABR 63, 2015) 42–51.

Lee, Dorothy A.
The Significance of Moses in the Gospel of John (ABR 63, 2015) 52–66.

Elvey, Anne
A Hermeneutics of Retrieval: Breath and Earth Voice in Luke’s Magnificat—Does Earth Care for the Poor? (ABR 63, 2015) 67–83.

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